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Hannah picture with smiling rainbow character

Hey there!

I'm Hannah, a digital Product Designer and recent graduate from the Rochester Institute of Technology where I studied New Media Design.

I approach most things with an exploratory attitude and I'm always up to the challenge of trying new things. You can find me venturing into downtown Rochester to try new eateries on my list or partaking in a solo study abroad trip to Paris!

I understand what it’s like to try something for the first time, so I channel the experiences I’ve had into my design work to provide
welcoming and memorable firsts for users.

My Favorite...

🎮 Video Games
  • Gris

  • Sable

  • Pokemon Arceus

  • Overwatch

🎨 Musuems + Galleries
  • Isabella Stewart Gardener

  • Centre Pompidou

  • MoMA

☕️ Teas
  • Masala Chai

  • Jasmine

  • Earl Grey

  • Peppermint

🎻 Cello Repertoire
  • Elgar Cello Concerto

  • Bach Minuet II, Suite No. 1

  • Élégie, Op. 24

Hannah picture at Golden Gate Bridge
Hannah picture with friends
Picture of flower shop building
Hannah picture playing Destiny 2
Hannah picture editing project
Picture of crepe lunch spread
Picture of Vincent VanGogh's painting The Church at Auvers
Hannah picture posing with Totoro
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