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4-5 weeks

Skills & Tools

Product design, UI, interaction, Figma, and After Effects

Explore the Lilac City with an endless amount of activity finding combinations at your fingertips! 

The Problem

There is a common dilemma with finding things to do in the Rochester area for college students and residents alike, as resources and communication are few and far between. 

Home 12.png
Custom Search Drawer 15.png
Search Results 11.png
Saved 11.png
Location Page 8.png
AR Camera 10.png


ExploreROC showcases all of the fun locations and activities in Rochester, focusing on customization, accessibility, and being an interactive outlet for exploring the area. 


Knowing there are already initiatives in place to get more young people visiting the city through CampusROC and Into the ROC, I created a survey with this objective in mind.

When all was said and done, 47 college students were surveyed about their experiences with finding entertainment opportunities in the City of Rochester.​

Check out my process for more details!

User Journey

The responses to my survey helped me understand the needs of my potential user base. To fully conceptualize the structure and features of my product, I developed a user journey based on my persona Cara. Her archetype encompasses a more holistic and versatile experience using the ExploreROC app.

Journey Map (2).png

User Flow

I broke down the user flow of ExploreROC into two pathways. The first outlines the steps taken in Cara's user journey, which features the 'Find something new' drawer and Saved Locations page. The second details the AR camera feature, a companion to various location pages.

7 User Flow.png
6 User Flow.png


The following wireframes served as the foundation of my screen designs. Each came from a set of different sketch options where I was narrowing down the look and feel of certain UI elements and features.​

Design Iterations

By adding color to my wireframes, I was able to iterate through many different visualizations while making slight tweaks to the layout and the appearance of elements within the interface.

Final Product

Anchor 1


With the completion of ExploreROC, I was successful in creating a product that can be used by the Eddie's, Cara's, and Umi's of Rochester. The customized search drawer and saved location features allow the user to easily access and customize information while the AR camera provides an interactive way of accessing location information with fact cards and swipeable overlay drawers. 

The inclusion of location categories and specified activity chips meet the user's need for having everything in one place while having the option for customization.


That Damn Goat

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